Batch download tiles

Imagine you need to download several tiles. Instead of interactive clicking you could save the list of tile names in a file and automatically download them with wget.

For example, to download an area of LIDAR HD IGN, here is how to do:

1- download the list of all tiles (“tableau d’assemblage”) in shapefile format

2- open it on QGis, then draw a new shapefile containing your area. Select all tiles intersecting this area and export the attribute table of selection in CSV format. You obtain a file like this:


3- extract only the URLs from this file with awk

awk -F, '$2~/https/ {OFS=",";print $2}' input.csv > urls.csv

4- download all urls with wget

wget -i urls.csv

This is it! Maybe one should add a verification step to be sure that all files are properly downloaded.